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PDD ultra & cross combination

Prešporský Dračí dvojboj (PDD) is a combination of two races - Prešporský Ultra Trail (22. October 2016) with the 50 km course MINI-ULTRA and Dračí kros (23. October 2016) with 15 km course, which is organized by ŠK pre Radosť.

For enrollment to the PDD combination it is necessary to select the course "PREŠPORSKÝ DRAČÍ DVOJBOJ - PUT MINI-ULTRA (50 km) + Dračí kros (15 km)" in the PUT enrollment form. It is not necessary to enroll also on the Dračí kros website, because the information about your registration to PDD will be provided to the Dračí kros organizer by us. The start fee for PDD is 7 EUR. The PDD participants have to bring their Prešporský Ultra Trail (MINI-ULTRA) 2016 completion certificate (diploma) to the Dračí kros event.

The PDD result time is a summation of the result times from Prešporský Ultra Trail (MINI-ULTRA course) and Dračí kros (15 km course). The condition for successful completion of PDD is therefore the completion of both races within their time limits and of course regulations.

There is a men and women category for PDD. The PDD participants will be ranked in the particular races results (so the PUT part will be ranked alsi in PUT-MINI ultra results) as well as in the results of the PDD combination. The PDD combination results will be announced at the Sunday event Dračí kros.