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Enrollment for PUT 2016

For enrollment please fill in and submit the PUT 2016 enrollment form until 19. October 2016 16:00 latest:


Limit for number of participants is 180 (90 for 103 km course and 90 for 50 km course).

Important information: In the enrollment form please use your full first name and surname (no nicknames etc.) including diacritic. In other case it will be not possible to send your result to the Slovak Ultratrail League.

The confirmation of successfully completed enrollment is the name of the participant visible in the list of PUT 2016 entrants (we are not sending any confirmation e-mails), which can be found HERE (we are not sending any e-mail confirmations of completed enrollments).

In case of participation cancellation please inform us via e-mail sent to

Information about Prešporský Dračí dvojboj (PDD) race combination can be found HERE.